Frequently Asked Questions by our Customers

What do all the sizes mean and how do I know what size set I have?
The sizes are equivalent to the tallest standing figure. If a standing king is about 5 inches tall, that means you have a 5 inch set. All the figures are based upon a scale size.
A 5 inch scale infant Jesus won't be 5 inches, the baby is about 2 inches long.
A kneeling 5 inch scale figure will not be 5 inches tall either. That figure will be proportional to the 5 inch standing figure.
If you have a 5 inch set, you want to stay with all 5 inch stables, buildings, accessories etc...
The rule above is the same for all of the Fontanini® size's.
What is your return and exchange policy?
Normally, our return exchange policy is 30 days from the date of shipment.
As a courtesy to our customers, we extend our policy to help you shop earlier and not have to worry about a time frame dealing with the Christmas rush.
During the Christmas season (Sept 1st - December 18th), we offer our customers to return or exchange their items up until January 18, 2024.
The 30 day policy will revert back to 30 days starting on December 18, 2023
(The information and policies used for return/exchanges can be found on every web page on the left side navigation under support information.)
Do you offer Air Delivery?
Absolutely! Orders placed by 11.00 am CDT can still be shipped out via UPS!
We offer Next Day, 2nd Day and 3rd Day Select besides our normal ground delivery.
How fast can I expect my order?
Fast! Since we stock what we sell, we ship your order with 1 business days of your order. In some cases, we ship the same day!
Can I track my order?
Yes you can! Once your order ships, you will receive a tracking number by way of Email. The Email will either come from UPS or, USPS depending on the size of the package.
What are the Fontanini« figures and stables made out of?
Most of the lighted nativity stables are made out of resin. The rest of the stables are usually made out of wood, cork and moss. Under the larger photo of each stable will list the materials used to make that stable.
Figures: From 3.5 inch scale size up to 18 inch are made out of a break resistant material called Polymer. The 27 inch scale figures up to the 70 inch scale are made of a marble based resin.
Each and everyone of the Fontanini« figures are painted by villagers in a small town in Italy called Bagni di Lucca. Some of the villagers will even take the figures home to paint them.
The paint used for the figures are made with a non-lead based paint so it's safe for all of your family members including the children to enjoy the wonderful craftsmanship of Fontanini®.
Does the baby Jesus come out of his manger?
Absolutely! No matter the size set you may have, the tradition of Fontanini« is that the baby Jesus will always be made in a way that you can take him out of the manger.
This has always been a valued tradition of Fontanini®!
Can I order Toll Free instead of putting my credit card online?
Yes you may! You can call our Customer Service number at: 1.877.848.8300 during customer service hours listed on the top of every web page!!
How can you contact you at
We have a variety of ways for you to contact us!
You can call us by using our Toll Free phone number at: 1.877.848.8300 or, you can Email us directly by going to our contact us page and sending us a message by Email.
We try to make it as easy for our customers as we can!
How does the free shipping work on
The free ground shipping offer is for each order totaling over $39.95 going to one location within the 48 Continental US States.