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The Exclusive 2021 figure! 5 Inch Village Collection Top 5 Inch Sellers Wedding Idea's New 2021!

This 8 piece nativity set comes with a wood stable, and 8 figures which include: The Holy Family, Gloria angel, Gabriel the shepherd, and 3 sheep.The stable is quite wide at 19 3/4 inches in width, and the loft in the back of the stable gives you a place you could add a sheep or, better yet some birds.
Suggestions as to figures to add in the future includes the the 3 kings, seated ox, seated donkey or, Mary's donkey.
There's more information at the bottom of this page about this nativity set

7.5 Inch Scale 8 Piece Nativity Set with Stable by Fontanini

7.5 Inch Scale 8 Piece Nativity Set with Stable by Fontanini

Code: 54829


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Product Description

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7.5 Inch Scale 8 Piece Nativity Set with Stable

7.5 Inch Scale
Figures include: Holy Family, Gloria Angel, 3 Sheep, and Gabriel the Shepherd
19.75" X 14"H X 10"D
Made with Wood/Moss/Bark