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The Exclusive 2021 figure! 5 Inch Village Collection Top 5 Inch Sellers Wedding Idea's New 2021!

This 3 piece nativity set comes with a wood stable, and 3 figures which include: The Holy Family. This nativity set offer plenty of options by adding additional figures of your choice.
Suggestions as to figures in which you may add in the future includes the the 3 kings, seated ox, seated donkey or, Mary's donkey. Other options include shepherds, and sheep.
There's more information at the bottom of this page about this nativity set

7.5 Inch Scale - 3 Piece Nativity Set with Stable by Fontanini

7.5 Inch Scale - 3 Piece Nativity Set with Stable by Fontanini

Code: 54846


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Product Description

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Fontanini 7.5 Inch Scale - 3 Piece Nativity Set with Stable
( Starter Set )

Material: Made with Wood/Moss/Bark/Polymer
Figures Include: The Holy Family

Size: 12.75 Inches High x 15.75 Inches Wide x 7.6 Inches Deep