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Free ground shipping is for orders over $39.95 within the continental United States.

Special Offers...

You may select one free item if you qualify for the offer.
There are different levels of free items ranging from $65, $100, and $125
Dollar amounts are figure before the discount.

Orders over $65.00

You get an option of one Free 5 inch scale Sheep, or, a 5 inch scale Campfire.
3.5 Inch scale orders get a Free 3.5 inch scale seated Ox.

Orders over $100.00
5 inch scale has the option of a Free 5 inch Scale sheep, a 5 inch scale Campfire, Littlest Angel or, a set of 5 inch scale Fence Set.
The 7.5 inch scale orders over $100 has the option of selecting a Free 7.5 inch scale single sheep.

Orders over $125.00
* Special Selection - We've added the Exclusive figure Julius as a free option when your order is over $125!
Gives you an option of a Free 5 inch scale Sheep, a Free 5 Inch Scale Campfire, a 5 inch scale fence set, a 5 inch scale Jeremiah the Shepherd, 5 inch scale Hirah, or, the 5 inch scale Ethan the Shepherd.
7.5 Inch scale has the option of one Free 7.5 Inch scale Palm Tree.
12 Inch scale orders over $125 has the option of selecting one Free 12 inch scale Sheep

*While supplies last